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"Let There Be Light"

Here at LED Wholesale Exchange we consider ourselves privileged to be able to make a valuable contribution to making this available and affordable to increasing numbers of people everywhere – available, because by using less electricity there is more light to go around for everyone; and affordable because although the initial cost of the bulbs themselves is higher than that of the old technologies, the cost savings to the user are dramatic (usually 80%-85% of the equivalent incandescent measured by the Wattage consumed).

LED Wholesale Exchange was born out of the realisation that the lighting technology of the future has been forced upon us today by a number of converging developments which can be seen worldwide: as oil prices have risen dramatically and stayed high, due to continuing strong demand from the emerging economies, money has become scarce due to the global recession which has hit all "rich and developed" countries, and electricity has become scarcer still – with significant shortages already being seen in countries which have become used to high consumption levels. The ability of many countries to compensate for these shortages and to anticipate future demand has been severely hampered by the abrupt cancellation or suspension of nuclear power development in the wake of the Fukushima disaster.

Attempts to harness the power of the sun are achieving better results than ever but still fall far short of what is needed to bring power for basics of light and refrigeration which are needed in vast areas of Africa and Asia which have no electric supply at all.

LED Wholesale Exchange are fully committed to promoting the adoption of LED lighting. The benefits for consumers, industry and the environment are clear to us. We can see the light - it's bright, clean and energy-efficient.