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- A Halogen bulb converts only 10% of the electricity it consumes into light? The remaining 90% is wasted as heat. (in other words: for every £10 you spend - you receive £1 of light and £9 vanishes into thin air).

- LED bulbs have a far longer lifetime compared to conventional light bulbs. They can last up to 50,000 hours with very small reductions in light output over their lifetime.

- LED bulbs are recyclable and much easier to do so because they don't contain mercury or other harmful pollutants. CFL bulbs contain mercury and if broken there are immediate health and environmental risks.

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Property Owners,

If you are still using halogen lights you are wasting a lot of money. We want to help you stop wasting electricity and cut 60-80% off your energy and lighting bill.

For example: By switching to a more efficient lower wattage LED 7W halogen replacement, with average use (10hrs/day) you can save around £23 annually per bulb. Add up the number of light fittings in your property and the total savings might astound you.

Payback time on your outlay will be typically 6-18 months, and you will enjoy continued savings thereafter. Switching to low-cost, energy-efficient LED lighting is one of the best investments you can make today to help safeguard your future finances.
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