Asteria MR16 Series
7 Watt High Power LED Spot Light

GU10 - DIMMABLE, Warm White, 38º, 520 lm (Replaces 50W Halogen)

GU10 - Warm White, 38º, 520 lm (Replaces 50W Halogen)
GU10 - Warm White, 45º, 400 lm (Replaces 45W Halogen)
GU10 - Warm White, 38º, 355 lm (Replaces 35-40W Halogen) - (x10)
GU10 - Natural White, 45º, 320 lm (Replaces 30-40W White Halogen)
GU10 - Warm White, 38º, 170 lm (Replaces 20-25W Halogen) - (x10)

GX5.3 - True White, 38º, 720 lm (Replaces 50-60W Day Halogen) - (x10)
GX5.3 - Warm White, 25º, 400 lm (Replaces 45W Halogen)

GX5.3 - Warm White, 38º, 355 lm (Replaces 35-40W Halogen) - (x10)
GX5.3 - Warm White, 38º, 170 lm (Replaces 20-25W Halogen) - (x20)

E27 - True White, 50º, 450 lm (Replaces 40-45W Day Halogen)

ALT's Asteria series are the world's brightest MR16 LED spot lights and the only true replacements for 50/60 Watt halogens in the UK. They are the brightest, most robust, premium quality LED spot lights on the market. As such, the Asteria series were announced winners of the prestigeous Red Dot Product Design Award in 2011.

The design and workmanship gone into the construction are head and shoulders above competitors. The result is a brighter, better dispersion of light. These bulbs will not suffer any drop off in brightness or performance, nor will they suffer from 'flashing' or 'blinking' over their long lifetime. Asteria MR16 are direct replacements for 20 - 60 Watt halogen lamps and ideal for all general purpose, domestic and business lighting; including shops, boutiques, hotels, restaurants, galleries, museums and other commercial applications.


Other manufacturers claim lifespans of up to 50,000 hours for their bulbs but the reality is they will fall way short of this. Although the LED chipsets inside the bulbs are tested and guaranteed for 50,000 hours lifespan, the bulbs themselves will fail due to poor construction. The most common reasons for LED bulb failures are inadequate heat dispersion and poor quality power supply.

Without adequate heat dissipation the LEDs can be damaged over prolonged use, thus shortening the life expectancy of the bulb. ALT only use MCPCB (metal-core printed circuit boards) with high heat-dissipation efficiency. Even though the cost is 3 to 4 times higher than competitors, the product can obtain better stability and longer lifespan than other products.

While most other brands use just die cast in their heat sink, ALT use 100% pure aluminium. The heat sinks are so effective that ALT are able to produce lamps with very high lumen outputs - yet can still guarantee their long life without drop in performance.


Asteria MR16 uses the highest quality CREE LED chipsets and ALT use military-grade power supply to ensure stable and uninterrupted power to the LED. Tested under extreme conditions of temperature and over prolonged use ALT bulbs will not suffer from 'flashing', 'blinking' or reduction in performance over their long lifetime.

Superior optics allows for better light dispersion. Lumen output claims are based on the LED chipset itself, not the actual light from the bulb. When compared with competitors ALT's use of higher quality materials allow more of the light through and superior optics means better dispersion and more even spread of the light. In short - ALT bulbs produce a brighter, better light than comparable rival products.


Currently the ALT Asteria MR16 bulbs are guaranteed for 30,000+ hours by the manufacturer. Bulbs are under continuous testing in the research labs and have reached this milestone without failure or drop in performance. They are still going strong and the hours will be upgraded in future as new milestones are reached. ALT are confident the Asteria MR16 bulb will eventually outlast the lifetime of the LED chipset it houses. Unlike rival manufacturers who's products will fail long before then.

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Product Features:

  • High density aluminium housing ensures increased heat dissipation.
  • Long lifespan full range ( 100~240V ) power supply design.
  • Asteria series MR16 is majorly used for international standards of MR16 - E11, E14, E17, E26 / 27, E26 / 24, GX5.3 / GU5.3, GU10 / GZ10, B22D. It is suitable for all MR16 series in different bases for indoor luminaries.


  • Base: E11, E14, E26/27, E26/24, GU10/GZ10, GX5.3/GU5.3, E17, B22D
  • Power Consumption: 7W
  • Color: True White / Natural White / Warm White
  • Luminaire:
    Max. 720 (lm) ( True White )
    Max. 520 (lm) ( Warm White )
  • Beam Angle: 30 / 50 / 72 Degree
  • CRI: 75-85
  • Operating Temp: -20°C ~ +40°C
  • Life Time: 30,000+ Hours
  • Warranty: 3 Years Limited
  • Regulatory: RoHS, Laser Testing, CE, FCC, UL, cUL, TÜV, LVD, C-Tick