Justenergy Technology Corporation was formerly the Innovations unit of ACON (Advanced Connectek) Inc. from which it was spun off in March 2011. Set up with a mission to help arrest global warming by cutting carbon emissions, Justenergy specialize exclusively and invest heavily in LED lighting technologies. They are convinced that LED offer the best lighting solutions for the foreseeable future. They don't do incandescent, halogen, fluorescent, or compact fluorescent (CFL) - They JUST do LED.

"We are passionate about energy saving and efficient use of our natural resources. Our mission is to provide high quality industrial design (ID), aesthetics, and solutions in LED lighting for residential and commercial applications, and for the urban environment. We develop unique product ID design, aesthetics, quality, and technological innovations which differentiate us from the general market."

Nature by JUSTLED

"Our JUSTLED brand gives our LED lighting products a unique identity and sets them apart from any others. LED lighting by JUSTLED exudes a close connection with nature and implies warmth, elegance, energy, and innovative lifestyle. Many of our current models have been designed in partnership with a Swiss design house, and have earned us 25 domestic and international design awards in the past three years."

JUSTLED LED Y desk lamps