Dimmable T-Tech HV LED Tunnel / Flood Light

90 Watt / 6300 Lumen - £POA
45 Watt / 3200 Lumen - £POA

Product Features:

  • HV (High Voltage) LED means AC power connects to DC LED directly without need for an adaptor to convert current and voltage
  • World’s first flood ight integrated T-Tech HV LED driver technology with 6 invention patents
  • With ID design stylish and simplicity with semicircle tubes and patented
  • Dimmable by phase 0~100% without IC and dimmer circuit and proportional power saving. Can be modulated by remote control Z-ware or Zee Bee
  • 20% more power saving than DC LED and efficiency over 88 - 95%
  • Life span of 40,000 hrs
  • Low cost without adaptor
  • Tolerate storage temp. from -40 to 100˚C
  • Tolerate input voltage fluctuation by ±30%
  • 2/3 power saving compared with conventional lamps such as high / low pressure sodium or mercury lamp
  • Meets IP 67
  • Meets RoHS. Lamp housing is made of recycled die casting aluminum
  • Meets international safety standard of CE Safety, CE EMC, BSMI, CCC, cUL Safety, and FCC EMC
    Equipped with PC diffuser for anti-glazing and homogeneity


  • Suitable for street, park, cluster house,school, road, tunnel and factory