Luman Lighting is focused exclusively on developing High Power LED applications. Anticipating the growing need to save energy while answering a constantly increasing need for artificial light, they recognised very early the energy-saving and environmental benefits to be gained with the use of LED bulbs which offer a higher luminous efficiency and much longer life span over the old technologies.

In their effort to further develop green energy-saving products which can have a beneficial impact on our quality of life while addressing the worldwide need to use less and light more, Luman Lighting focuses on LED lighting, with applications and associated system integration analysis, design and production. Products range from indoor and outdoor light source and applications, to backlight systems for flat panel displays.

Luman Lighting R&D team includes highly expert professionals from renowned international corporations, who are experienced in LED product design and applications. Their vision is to combine professional knowledge and discipline with uncompromising attitude to standards and quality control, resulting in high quality, longer-lasting products with superior performance, as well as all-round after sales service.

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