Light Bulb A19
8 Watt LED Light Bulb


E27 - Warm White 3000K, 160º, 8 Watt, 630 lm (Replaces 50-60W Incandescent) - £POA

- 8W low power consumption - designed to directly replace traditional 50-60W bulb
- UL (E26 ver. for US), cUL (E26 ver. for Canada), CE (Europe) and RoHS certified
- Hypersatic and safe, 90-265V AC driver built-in
- 630 'Hot lumens' - genuine lumen output measured after 45 mins constant use.
- Patented “Revolver” heat sink
- Epoxy glue injection for balancing internal component temperature
- Environmental friendly that without mercury, Ultraviolet and infrared light
- Quality materials provided 10 years using lifetime (10 hours per day)