Tube Light T8
High-Power LED Tube Light


G13 - Various specification - £POA

- Invisible heat sink by unique LUMAN technology (without aluminum plate at back side)
- Minimal product weight.
- UL (US), cUL (Canada), CE (Europe) and RoHS certified
- Industry Grade: Hyperstatic and safe, 85-280VAC, driver built-in
- Exactly same size as normal fluorescent T8 tube
- Narrow and thin aluminium End caps maximize the brightness
- Higher Quality and stable, no shadow at both ends
- Stable LED with no flickering, protect eyes effectively
- 4-step Dimmable function available
- Adjustment by normal switch to different brightness (100%, 75%, 50%, 25%), no re-wiring needed
- International standard Lengths of light tube (1ft,2ft,3ft,4ft,5ft), 6ft and 8ft are also available
- Standard wattage: High wattage (6W-30W) and low wattage (4W-19W) versions provided
- Environmental friendly that without mercury, Ultraviolet and infra-red light
- Quality materials provided 10 years using lifetime (10 hours per day)