Founded by scientists with roots in the computer server industry, where the need for high power LEDs all started, Aeon Lighting Technology (ALT) has grown rapidly to be one of the top manufacturers of LED lighting in the world today. With strong R&D capabilities and a focus on precision and quality, ALT is leading the field in the high power LED lighting industry.

Currently experiencing tremendous growth, ALT will not slow down in its pursuit of perfection, and will continue to develop lighting products which can help reduce mankind’s carbon footprint. We all have a responsibility to protect the fragile planet we live on, and ALT is at the front of the pack, leading the way forward. Future product generations will continue to save energy whilst at the same time emitting the brightness and colour you like and are used to. ALT are committed to developing products that take LED lighting to the next level.

ALT is proud to be the first ever LED lighting company to receive international recognition by winning the prestigious IF Product Design Award in 2009 and Red Dot Product Design Award in 2011 for its Asteria-series LED MR16.


The Brightest LED Lights

While there are many manufacturers that make LED lamps with high lumen outputs, no one makes LED lamps with a lumen outputs as high or as stable as ALT. The higher the lumen output the bigger the area of heat dissipation that is required on the lamp. Without adequate heat dissipation the LEDs can be damaged over prolonged use, thus shortening the life expectancy of the bulb. No one dares go as high as ALT because they do not manage their heat dissipation as well. While most other brands use just die cast in their heat sink, ALT use 100% pure aluminium.

The heat sinks are so effective that ALT are able to produce lamps with very high lumen outputs - yet can still guarantee their long life without drop in performance. The stability of the power of the LED lamps is also very important. High lumen output without stable power can damage the LED chipset and shorten its life. ALT use military grade power technology, which has a long life span and is very stable.

ALT lighting products command a premium price, which reflects the top quality components and cutting-edge technology that go into them. The assembly by hand, and the rigorous and extended quality control process to which ALT subject each individual bulb, all contribute to a higher quality of light and longer-lasting stability. An ALT light bulb is a very worthwhile investment.

ALT Asteria MR16 vs Competitor MR16. (click to see comparison charts)