Leo T8
Dimmable T-Tech HV LED T8 Light Tube

12 Watt / 900 Lumen (2ft; 580/590mm) - £POA
18 Watt / 1300 Lumen (4ft; 1198mm) - £POA


Product Features:

  • HV (High Voltage) LED means AC power connects to DC LED directly without need for an adaptor to convert current and voltage
  • Light weight 210g only
  • Swiss ID design and aesthetics of heat dissipating aluminum extrusion and side caps identification
  • The world’s first T-Tech HV LED driver technology with 6 invention patents
  • 20% more power saving than DC LED with adaptor and efficiency over 88%
  • 4W adaptor power saving than 4Ft LED T5 and LED T8 with Adaptor from the market. 160kwh power saving in life span of 40,000 hrs
  • Dimmable by phase 0~100% without IC and dimmer circuit and proportional power saving
  • Life span of 40,000 hrs
  • 18W illumination is equal to 120W incandescent bulbs or 2pcs 23W CFL or 60W T8 or 30W T5
  • PC diffuser equipped for anti-glazing and durable homogeneity
  • Meets CE safety, CE EMC, CCC, BSMI and RoHS
  • Removal of electronic ballast is no required and electrical shock protection for two-end power input available
  • Water-proofing with our fixture available


  • Suitable for home, office, hospital, clinic, restaurant and any indoor location
  • Replaces incandescent bulb, CFL, T8 and T5 fluorescent tube and halogen lamp directly