9 Watt Auto Emergency Lighting LED Desk Lamp

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The patented auto emergency lighting LED desk lamp Pipe is designed for modern hotel, residence, hospital, and office environment with the concept for green power and emergency lighting, a revolutionary LED lighting in a new era.

With the light head designed as a plug-pull based torch, it lights up automatically during power cut for two hours with its battery as an emergency lighting source. It could be charged by a portable flexible solar panel outdoor.


Product Features:

  • Stylish ID design and patented with fin-less heat dissipating pins
  • Patented for functionality of auto emergency lighting in LED desk lamp
  • On-off touch panel
  • No hazardous materials
  • Chargeable with portable outdoor solar panel
  • Meets international safety and EMC standards of CE, cUL, FCC, CCC and BSMI.
  • Life span of 20,000 hrs
  • No EM and RFI radiations cause that migraine
  • 9W power consumption
  • Illumination is equal to 27W CFL or 60W incandescent bulb or 20W T8 or 16W T5
  • No hot spot, multishadow, glazing to protect eyes
  • No UV light that damage lighted objects or cause freckles


  • Suitable for home, office, hospital, clinic,restaurant and any indoor places
  • Replaces CFL, incandescent bulb, T8 and T5 fluorescent, CCFL, halogen and flash light