Apollo 7
8 Watt Dimmable T-Tech HV LED Light Bulb

E27 - Cold White, 180º, 8 Watt, 640 lm (Replaces 50-60W Incandescent) - £POA
E27 - Warm White, 180º, 8 Watt, 560 lm (Replaces 50-60W Incandescent) - £POA



The integrated heat dissipating details represent the new vision of HV LED light bulb.

The simple shape without fins reminds end users of the original of incandescent bulb. Its distinctive profile presents the innovative ID and aesthetic.


Product Features:

  • Eight Invention Patented LED Drive Technology
  • AC Power + DC LED or AC Power + Epitaxial HV LED
  • High Power Factor up to 95%
  • High Efficiency up to 95%
  • Dimmable 0%~100% and Proportionally Power Saving, No IC and Dimmable Circuit Required
  • 20%~50% Power Saving than DC LED with Adaptor
  • No Drive IC / No Adaptor / No Frequency Glistening / No Hot Spot
  • 2 Times Life Span than DC LED with Adaptor
  • Lower Heat Generation than HV DC LED and AC LED
  • High and Low Storage Temperature -40~100 Degree C
  • Tolerance to Input Voltage +-15%
  • Light Weight / Compact Volume


  • General lighting
  • Special lighting
  • Suitable for home, office, hospital, clinic, restaurant and any indoor location
  • Replaces incandescent bulb, CFL, T8 and T5 fluorescent tube and halogen lamp directly
  • Please do not use Apollo 7 in closed system to shorten life span