Dimmable T-Tech HV LED Pendant Lamp

50 Watt / 3800 (+/- 200) Lumen - £POA

The dimmable T-Tech HV LED pendant lamp Book is ideal for the office environment.

In additional to its power saving benefit, the design incorporates both tradition and modern elements which eases the solemn office atmosphere. The material of the lampshade adds the leading edge feel to the lamp itself.


Product Features:

  • HV (High Voltage) LED means AC power connects to DC LED directly without need for an adaptor to convert current and voltage
  • Elegant patented ID for fin-less heat dissipation
  • Six invention patents and pending of T-Tech HV LED drive technology
  • Dimmable by phase 0% ~ 100% without IC and dimmer circuit and proportional power saving
  • 20% more power saving and efficiency over 88%
  • Life span up to 40,000 hrs
  • The illumination of 50W Book is equal to 5pcs 60W incandescent bulbs or 5pcs 23W CFL or 3pcs 40W T8 or 3pcs 30W T5
  • PC diffuser equipped for anti-glazing and durable homogeneity
  • Meets CE safety, CE EMC and RoHS


  • Suitable for office, restaurant, home and clinic
  • Replaces fluorescent tubes, incandescent bulbs, CFL, T-Bar or Par light
  • Please do not use Book in closed system to shorten life span