4.5 Watt Dimmable T-Tech HV LED Light Bulb

E27 - Warm White, 360º, 4.5 Watt, 320 lm (Replaces 30W Incandescent) - £POA



The basic design concept behind the new development of this LED light bulb is a combination of a classic iconic design vocabulary with sophisticated T-Tech HV LED drive technology.

With reduced outline and balanced proportion, this elegant bulb can be harmoniously blended into different interiors without any additional lampshade. The unconventional contours symbolize a high functional value and state-of-the-art energy saving technology. The innovative LED bulb meets the expectations of reliable dimmable mination with surroundings in 360°. The patented T-Tech HV LED drive is capable of saving up to 90% power, compared to incandescent bulbs, 60% than CFL.


Product Features:

  • HV (High Voltage) LED means AC power connects to DC LED directly without need for an adaptor to convert current and voltage
  • Six invention patents and pending of T-Tech HV LED drive technology
  • Dimmable by phase 0% ~ 100% without IC and dimmer circuit and proportional power saving
  • 20% more power saving than DC LED and efficiency over 88%
  • ID design patent for fin-less interior heat dissipation to prevent burns and 360° light angles
  • 4.5W/320lm equal to the illumination of 30W incandescent bulb
  • Life span up to 40,000 hrs - 40 times more than incandescent bulb, 8 times more than CFL


  • Ambient environment such as bar, restaurant, home and hotel
  • Replaces incandescent bulb and CFL directly without changing the fixture
  • Please do not use Nature in closed system to shorten life span