How Much Can I Save?

Traditional incandescent bulbs are very inefficient because 90% of the power they consume is wasted as heat. CFL and LED bulbs are much more efficient. They require only a fraction of the power to produce the same amount of light. However, only LED bulbs have such a long life expectancy, up to 50,000 hours - that's 15 years use!

NOTE: Life expectancy of LED bulbs vary depending on the type of bulb (typically 30,000 - 50,000 hrs).

6x More Efficient
LED bulbs have a far greater Luminous Efficiency than standard incandescent bulbs, They use up to 5-6x less power to produce the same amount of light.

50x Longer Life
LED bulbs can last up to 50,000 hours. Replacing them is often not needed. Compare that to 15,000 hours for CFL bulbs and just 1,000 hours for standard incandescent bulbs.

15 Years Lifetime
if used every day for 8 hours a day, most LED bulbs will give up to 15 years of use before the need for replacement.

When we consider all the factors such as: Environmental Impact + Energy Consumption + Cost of Bulb Operation + Bulb Application - the LED bulb is by far the most efficient and cost-effective choice.

Luminous Efficiency

LE is a way to measure the amount of light you get for the amount of energy you put in. Just like a car’s MPG a light bulb can be measured for its efficiency. For a light bulb you observe precisely how much light is produced (lumens), by one watt of energy (electricity) and the result is its Luminous Efficiency.